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From Portugal to Spain, France to Italy or even Prague to Vienna, our tours are custom designed to give you a healthy balance of history, scenery, restaurants, shopping, adventure and more. 

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The travel business is booming and we are at the cusp of a new era in lifestyle travel and adventure.  We would love nothing more than to help you experience what thousands of our customers experience, a customized one-of-a-kind vacation that sets your world on fire!

Great People. Amazing Tours. Beautiful Cities.

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Daniel & Christiane Lemay

With a significant background in building retirement communities, Mr. Lemay is now responsible for all the financial operations of the business. Together Daniel and Christiane are a formidable force in the travel industry.

Alain & Mireille Guertain

Meet The Founders

Alain & Mireille Guertin

Together this power couple has over 35 years of combined experience.  Mireille’s background in administration and customer service along with Alain’s brick and mortar retail experience, they bring a truly awesome “outside the box” approach to the travel industry. 

Alain, Mirielle, Chris & Dan