In my opinion Jamaica is a wonderful Caribbean island.  In fact, it is one of my favourite areas to visit in the Caribbean.  For some reason, people either love Jamaica or dislike it.  I haven’t figured out why.  Jamaica is part of the British Commonwealth, which explains some of its culture.  The official language is English which is great for language barrier purposes, at least if English is your first language.  However, driving may provide challenges because they drive on the left hand   side of the road where in Canada we drive on the right hand side of the road.  

            I recommend first time travellers to stay in Montego Bay.  The reason is because the area has nice beaches, close to the airport to avoid additional travel time, and within driving distance to wonderful things to see.  Second time travellers to Jamaica, I recommend staying in Negril.  Negril has better beaches and a little less touristy.      

My favourite excursions are the Blue Hole and the Luminous Lagoon.  The Blue Hole consists of approximately 7 powder blue lagoons in the middle of nowhere.  My husband and I rented a car for the day and got lost many times trying to find the Blue Hole.  We even questioned our location when driving down a dirt road through a hydro field prior to arriving.  The guides at the Blue Hole are amazing and well worth the minimal price, which also includes the entrance fee, because they guide you through the lagoons and submerged rocks.  Throughout the lagoons, there are many areas to cliff jump and swing off a Tarzan rope into the water.  The waterfall is accessible from behind by going feet first into a rock formation hole about 4 feet wide. After wiggling through the rock formation, one can walk through the waterfall.  The Luminous Lagoon is algae that glows in the dark when activated by movement.  We purchased an excursion to visit the lagoon.  A boat picked us up at our resort just before sunset.  The boat ride took approximately 1 hr.  Upon arrival, the boat anchored in the lagoon and passengers jumped off the boat into the water. This is a very unique experience and is only available in few areas around the world.  This excursion is recommended for confident swimmers and who don’t mind touching a sludge like bottom on their feet.
            Other things to do in Jamaica are the Appleton Rum Distillery, Dunn’s River Falls, the Green Grotto Caves, river rafting and the Jamaican Bobsled Rollercoaster.

When travelling to Jamaica, one must try jerk chicken.  On our way to the Blue Lagoon, we stopped at a restaurant on the side of the road for lunch.  We ordered jerk chicken, rice, and a garden salad.  The food was fresh and delicious.  I have to admit the jerk chicken was too spicy for me, but to be fair I can’t handle a lot of spice to begin with.  Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the culinary experience.  

            I hope when travelling to Jamaica you experience the same amazing adventures as I did.  I feel as though the island has something to offer everyone. Bob Marley sang it best.  “One life.  One heart. Let’s get together and feel alright”. Ya’ mon!